habitat.tasks.rearrange.articulated_agent_manager.ArticulatedAgentManager class

Handles creating, updating and managing all agent instances.


def first_setup(self)
def on_new_scene(self) -> None
Call on a new scene. This will destroy and re-create the robot simulator instances.
def post_obj_load_reconfigure(self)
Called at the end of the simulator reconfigure method. Used to set the starting configurations of the robots if specified in the task config.
def pre_obj_clear(self) -> None
Must call before all objects in the scene are removed before the next episode. This will reset the grasp constraints and any references to previously existing objects.
def update_agents(self)
Update all agent instance managers.
def update_debug(self)
Only call when in debug mode. This renders visualization helpers for the agents.

Special methods

def __getitem__(self, key: int) -> ArticulatedAgentData
Fetches the agent data at the agent index.
def __init__(self, cfg: DictConfig, sim: Simulator)
def __len__(self) -> int
The number of agents.


articulated_agents_iter: typing.Iterator[articulated_agents.MobileManipulator] get
Iterator over all agent interfaces.
grasp_iter: typing.Iterator[rearrange_grasp_manager.RearrangeGraspManager] get