habitat.tasks.rearrange.actions.oracle_nav_action.OracleNavAction class

An action that will convert the index of an entity (in the sense of PddlEntity) to navigate to and convert this to base/humanoid joint control to move the robot to the closest navigable position to that entity. The entity index is the index into the list of all available entities in the current scene. The config flag motion_type indicates whether the low level action will be a base_velocity or a joint control.


def _path_to_point(self, point)
Obtain path to reach the coordinate point. If agent_pos is not given the path starts at the agent base pos, otherwise it starts at the agent_pos value :param point: Vector3 indicating the target point
def lazy_inst_humanoid_controller(self, task, config)
def reset(self, *args, **kwargs)
def step(self, *args, **kwargs)
def update_base(self)

Special methods

def __init__(self, *args, task, **kwargs)


_action_arg_prefix: str get
Returns the action prefix to go in front of sensor / action names if there are multiple agents.
_articulated_agent_mgr get
Underlying articulated_agent manager for the articulated_agent instance the action is attached to.
_ik_helper get
The IK helper for this articulated_agent instance.
action_space get
cur_articulated_agent get
The articulated_agent instance for this action.
cur_grasp_mgr get
The grasp manager for the articulated_agent instance for this action.