habitat.core.dataset module

Implements dataset functionality to be used habitat.EmbodiedTask. habitat.core.dataset abstracts over a collection of habitat.core.Episode. Each episode consists of a single instantiation of a habitat.Agent inside habitat.Env.


class BaseEpisode
Base class for episode specification that includes only the episode_id and scene id. This class allows passing the minimum required episode information to identify the episode (unique key) to the habitat baseline process, thus saving evaluation time. :property episode_id: id of episode in the dataset, usually episode number. :property scene_id: id of scene in dataset.
class Dataset
Base class for dataset specification.
class Episode
Base class for episode specification that includes initial position and rotation of agent, scene id, episode. :property start_position: list of length 3 for cartesian coordinates (x, y, z) :property start_rotation: list of length 4 for (x, y, z, w) elements of unit quaternion (versor) representing 3D agent orientation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Versor). The rotation specifying the agent’s orientation is relative to the world coordinate axes.
class EpisodeIterator
Episode Iterator class that gives options for how a list of episodes should be iterated.


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