habitat.config.default_structured_configs.DatasetConfig class

Configuration for the dataset of the task.

A dataset consists of episodes (a start configuration for a task within a scene) and a scene dataset (with all the assets needed to instantiate the task)

Special methods

def __init__(self, type: str = 'PointNav-v1', split: str = 'train', scenes_dir: str = 'data/scene_datasets', content_scenes: typing.List[str] = <factory>, data_path: str = 'data/datasets/pointnav/habitat-test-scenes/v1/{split}/{split}.json.gz') -> None
def __repr__(self)


data_path: str = 'data/datasets/pointnav/habitat-test-scenes/v1/{split}/{split}.json.gz'
scenes_dir: str = 'data/scene_datasets'
split: str = 'train'
type: str = 'PointNav-v1'
content_scenes: typing.List[str] = None