habitat.utils.profiling_wrapper module

Wrappers for habitat_sim profiling_utils functions. The wrappers are no-ops if habitat_sim isn’t installed.

Example of capturing an Nsight Systems profile with Habitat-lab: export HABITAT_PROFILING=1 export NSYS_NVTX_PROFILER_REGISTER_ONLY=0 # required when using capture range path/to/nvidia/nsight-systems/bin/nsys profile –sample=none –trace=nvtx –trace-fork-before-exec=true –capture-range=nvtx -p “habitat_capture_range” –stop-on-range-end=true –output=my_profile –export=sqlite python -m habitat_baselines.run –config-name=pointnav/ppo_pointnav.yaml profiling.capture_start_step=200 profiling.num_steps_to_capture=100 # look for my_profile.qdrep in working directory


class RangeContext
Annotate a range for profiling. Use as a function decorator or in a with statement. See habitat_sim profiling_utils.


def configure(capture_start_step = -1, num_steps_to_capture = -1)
Wrapper for habitat_sim profiling_utils.configure
def on_start_step()
Wrapper for habitat_sim profiling_utils.on_start_step
def range_pop()
Wrapper for habitat_sim profiling_utils.range_pop
def range_push(msg: str)
Wrapper for habitat_sim profiling_utils.range_push