habitat.gym.gym_wrapper.HabGymWrapper class

Class methods

def class_name()


def close(self)
def current_episode(self, all_info: bool = False) -> BaseEpisode
def render(self, mode: str = 'human', **kwargs)
def reset(self, *args, return_info: bool = False, **kwargs) -> typing.Union[numpy.ndarray, typing.Dict[str, numpy.ndarray], typing.Tuple[typing.Union[numpy.ndarray, typing.Dict[str, numpy.ndarray]], dict]]
def seed(self, seed = None)
def step(self, action: typing.Union[numpy.ndarray, int]) -> typing.Tuple[typing.Union[numpy.ndarray, typing.Dict[str, numpy.ndarray]], float, bool, dict]

Special methods

def __enter__(self)
Support with-statement for the environment.
def __exit__(self, *args)
Support with-statement for the environment.
def __getattr__(self, name)
def __init__(self, env: RLEnv, save_orig_obs: bool = False)
def __repr__(self)
def __str__(self)


action_space get set
metadata: dict get set
np_random: gym.utils.seeding.RandomNumberGenerator get set
Initializes the np_random field if not done already.
number_of_episodes: int get
observation_space: gym.spaces.space.Space get set
reward_range: tuple get set
spec get
unwrapped: RLEnv get