habitat.datasets.rearrange.rearrange_dataset.RearrangeEpisode class

Specifies additional objects, targets, markers, and ArticulatedObject states for a particular instance of an object rearrangement task.

Special methods

def __getstate__(self)
def __init__(self, *, episode_id: typing.Optional[str] = None, scene_id: typing.Optional[str] = None, scene_dataset_config: str = 'default', additional_obj_config_paths: typing.List[str] = [], start_position: typing.Optional[typing.List[float]] = None, start_rotation: typing.Optional[typing.List[float]] = None, info: typing.Optional[typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]] = None, ao_states: typing.Dict[str, typing.Dict[int, float]], rigid_objs: typing.List[typing.Tuple[str, numpy.ndarray]], targets: typing.Dict[str, numpy.ndarray], markers: typing.List[typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]] = [], target_receptacles: typing.List[typing.Tuple[str, int]] = [], goal_receptacles: typing.List[typing.Tuple[str, int]] = [], name_to_receptacle: typing.Dict[str, str] = {}) -> None
Method generated by attrs for class RearrangeEpisode.
def __setstate__(self, state)


ao_states: typing.Dict[str, typing.Dict[int, float]] get set del
Lists modified ArticulatedObject states for the scene: {instance_handle -> {link, state}}
rigid_objs: typing.List[typing.Tuple[str, numpy.ndarray]] get set del
A list of objects to add to the scene, each with: (handle, transform)
targets: typing.Dict[str, numpy.ndarray] get set del
Maps an object instance to a new target location for placement in the task. {instance_name -> target_transform}
markers: typing.List[typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]] get set del
Indicate points of interest in the scene such as grasp points like handles. {marker name -> (type, (params))}
target_receptacles: typing.List[typing.Tuple[str, int]] get set del
The names and link indices of the receptacles containing the target objects.
goal_receptacles: typing.List[typing.Tuple[str, int]] get set del
The names and link indices of the receptacles containing the goals.
name_to_receptacle: typing.Dict[str, str] get set del
Map ManagedObject instance handles to containing Receptacle unique_names.
episode_id: str get set del
scene_id: str get set del
scene_dataset_config: str get set del
additional_obj_config_paths: typing.List[str] get set del
start_position: typing.List[float] get set del
start_rotation: typing.List[float] get set del
info: typing.Optional[typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]] get set del