habitat.core.simulator module



class ActionSpaceConfiguration
class AgentState
class DepthSensor
class Observations
Dictionary containing sensor observations
class RGBSensor
class SemanticSensor
class Sensor
Represents a sensor that provides data from the environment to agent.
class SensorSuite
Represents a set of sensors, with each sensor being identified through a unique id.
class ShortestPathPoint
class Simulator
Basic simulator class for habitat. New simulators to be added to habtiat must derive from this class and implement the abstarct methods.
class SimulatorActionsSingleton
Implements an extendable Enum for the mapping of action names to their integer values.


class SensorTypes(enum.Enum): NULL = 0 COLOR = 1 DEPTH = 2 NORMAL = 3 SEMANTIC = 4 PATH = 5 POSITION = 6 FORCE = 7 TENSOR = 8 TEXT = 9 MEASUREMENT = 10 HEADING = 11 TACTILE = 12
Enumeration of types of sensors.


SimulatorActions: SimulatorActionsSingleton = …